IEA findings reinforce Coalition position in 2030 debate

17 October 2013 - In its “Energy Efficiency Market Report 2013”, the International Energy Agency (IEA) names energy efficiency as the world’s largest energy resource, providing further evidence that the EU will need to put energy efficiency first in its 2030 framework for climate and energy policies in order to meet its goals for security, competitiveness and growth.

Why the EU cannot afford to leave behind energy savings

Coalition reminds MEPs to include a binding savings target in 2030 climate and energy package

25 September 2013 - Ahead of the first exchange of views of the European Parliament’s ENVI and ITRE committees on a 2030 framework for climate and energy policies on 26th September 2013, the Coalition for Energy Savings provides its assessment of the weak commitment of Member States to deliver energy savings.

Indicative national energy efficiency targets fall short

Coalition's Guidebook can help the EU reach its 20% 2020 target

28 May 2013 - The Coalition has created an assessment of national energy efficiency targets, which shows that Member States are reluctant to step up their ambitions beyond the minimum efficiency measures required by the Energy Efficiency Directive, holding the EU back from reaching its 20% energy savings target by the 2020 deadline.

Overcoming crisis requires energy efficiency and renewables

Joint letter to Heads of State emphasises energy efficiency, renewable energy ahead of meeting

17 May 2013 - For the second time, the Coalition, EREC and CAN Europe have teamed up to advocate the role of energy efficiency and renewable energy, this time in a joint letter to EU Heads of State before their Council meeting on 22 May. In the letter, the three organisations urge policymakers to consider energy efficiency and renewable energy in their discussions on competitiveness, the energy market and overcoming the challenges posed by the economic and financial crises.

Sectors stand together for three binding targets for 2030

Joint letter to Energy and Environment Ministers calls for action

19 April 2013 - The Coalition for Energy Savings, the European Renewable Energy Council and Climate Action Network Europe joined together for a call on Environment and Energy Ministers in support of mutually reinforcing and binding energy savings, renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction targets for 2030. It is the first time the three organisations, representing the key stakeholders for the three respective targets, joined forces.

Energy savings - the missing link to EU competitiveness

European Commission opens consultation on 2030 framework for climate and energy policies

27 March 2013 - While the Coalition welcomes the consultation, the Commission overlooks the importance of an energy savings target in its green paper, focusing instead on a short-term approach that would fail to deliver the structural changes necessary in order to boost the EU's competitiveness and get rising energy prices under control.

European Parliament backs energy efficiency target for 2030

Plenary vote on Energy roadmap 2050 report shows clear support for three targets

14 March 2013 - The European Parliament approved a report on the Energy roadmap 2050 today, calling for three post-2020 targets on energy efficiency, renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions. This vote shows that MEPs support strong policy for energy efficiency and recognise the importance of an energy efficiency target.

Directors General to discuss 2030 climate and energy framework

Coalition urges energy efficiency target

11 March 2013 - On 14 March, the Directors General for energy for the 27 EU Member States will gather to discuss the 2030 framework for climate and energy policies. The Coalition has sent in advance of this meeting a letter asking the Directors General to give priority to energy efficiency in their consideration of the climate and energy package.