Why energy savings

A fast, fair and attractive energy transition
energy efficiency directiveee 1st principle

Data from the 2016 data EED review Impact Assessment

Reducing energy demand is the bedrock for a fast, fair and attractive transition to climate neutrality.  

Reducing energy consumption through energy efficiency measures brings multiple benefits for citizens and society as a whole :

  • reduced energy imports improving energy security
  • lower greenhouse gas emissions  
  • better environmental quality and cleaner air 
  • improved health and living conditions for EU citizens
  • new and local jobs, in support of economic recovery and a cut in energy bills

The Coalition believes that the multiple benefits of energy efficiency must be correctly valued and properly reflected in EU policy making. The prioritisation of energy savings enables the achievement of energy independency, of a higher EU climate target and the EU climate neutrality objective, and more broadly the goals of the European Green Deal, in a way that is fair, socially just and economically attractive.  

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