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Planning for the 2023 EED: are EU countries up to the task? Updated analysis, April 2024

The update of the National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) is a pivotal first step to ensuring...

2040 Climate Target: No decarbonisation without energy savings.

On February 6, the European Commission published the communication on the 2040 climate target...

Coalition feedback for evidence: assessing the level of EU & national funding for energy efficiency

In February 2024, the Coalition provided its views on the feedback for evidence: assessing the...

Buildings directive deal: progress,but not living up to the EU’s 2030 efficiency goal

Brussels, 8th December 2023 Negotiations on the recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings...

Planning for the 2023 EED: Are EU countries up to the task?

With only seven years to achieve the new 2030 EU energy efficiency target, national measures to...

Coalition priorities for the next EU institutions: Energy Savings, the foundation of a clean, affordable and secure EU.

 The last years have shown that to mitigate climate change, improve EU energy independence and...
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