European Parliament challenges Council on energy savings

Binding measures and binding targets

28 February 2012 - The Coalition for Energy Savings welcomes the Parliament’s wake-up call to Member States. A cross-party majority in the Parliament’s Energy Committee today voted for binding energy savings targets and measures in the Energy Efficiency Directive, which would bring the EU back on track to achieving its 20% energy savings target.

Parliament committee vote on the Energy Efficiency Directive

Binding measures and targets needed to secure growth and jobs

27 February 2012 - The Energy Committee vote on the draft Energy Efficiency Directive is an opportunity for the European Parliament to put on the table a European growth and employment pact and lay the foundations of a new economic model for the EU.

The Coalition for Energy Savings therefore welcomes the cross-party support for the package of compromise amendments.

Europe must not backtrack on energy efficiency

Energy Ministers must honour commitments on energy efficiency

The Energy Efficiency Directive, currently under discussion within European Parliament and Council, might well fall short of what is required to achieve the 20% energy savings target by 2020. Worse still, it is at risk of backtracking on the existing Energy Services Directive and Cogeneration Directive that it will replace.

Despite the apparent consensus on the need to boost existing energy efficiency policy and deliver on the 20% energy savings target, Member States have been watering down the Commission proposal for a new Energy Efficiency Directive by reducing the ambition of the proposed energy efficiency measures, introducing exemptions and allowing for the accounting of early action. The latest draft under discussion in the Council would backtrack on existing policy in terms of required annual energy savings.

Roadmap 2050: many signs - no direction

European Commission adopts its Energy Roadmap 2050

15 December 2011 - The European Commission adopted today its Energy Roadmap 2050 outlining challenges for the energy system to deliver on the EU's 2050 climate objective. The Coalition for Energy Savings welcomes the recognition that Europe's priority must be to become dramatically more energy efficient. This increases the pressure to put Europe back on track to achieve its 20% energy savings target.

Save energy and invest in efficiency

Energy Savings the most immediate solution to our energy security imperatives

18 November 2011 - In its recently published World Energy Outlook 2011, the International Energy Agency concludes that without stringent new action by 2017, particularly on energy efficiency, the world's energy system will be out of line with agreed climate goals. At the same time, energy savings are also the most immediate and reliable solution to our energy security imperatives.