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Session at EUSEW2019 conference

19 Jun 2019
9:00 - 10:30

Digitalisation in the energy sector is a key topic in the context of the development of long-term climate and energy strategies at national and at EU level. Transition policies in Europe have to make the most of new digital solutions. The event will address crucial questions like access to data, system flexibility and demand response. The focus on energy efficiency gains of digitalisation is relevant. Energy efficiency is the bedrock for any pathway to 2050, as it is a key enabler of a fair, fast and attractive energy transition.

The conference will start with presentations of the IEA work on digitalisation and of the Fraunhofer ISI research on the impact of digitalisation on energy use. The second part of the session is dedicated to a panel debate with key stakeholders who identified digitalisation policies as key in their field of activity. Panel speakers will identify key elements for a successful digitalisation of the energy system, opportunities for new business models and threads from an inappropriate political framework in Europe.

More info on EUSEW2019 conference website: "How will digitalistion transform the energy system?"



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European Parliament


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Residence Palace, Brussels

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