The higher the 2030 Energy Efficiency target, the higher the benefits

Nov 17, 2022 | Latest, Publications

The Coalition for Energy Savings has commissioned a study to Cambridge Econometrics to quantify the multiple benefits resulting from different levels of ambition of the 2030 energy efficiency target in the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) recast.

The study models the benefits of the three scenarios that are being discussed in the EED trilogues: an energy efficiency target of at least 9% (Minimum Efficiency), 13% (REPowerEU Efficiency) and 14.5% (Enhanced Efficiency); its main conclusion is that the higher the 2030 EU energy efficiency target will be, the more benefits will materialise for the EU economy, the environment and the society.

The benefits of an enhanced 2030 energy efficiency target are clear and cannot be ignored in the current situation of economic and social turmoil; they must guide the interinstitutional negotiations and be at the core of the political agreement on the EED recast.





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