A strong EED to reach climate goals and trigger a sustainable economic recovery

May 20, 2021 | Latest, Positions papers

  • The new EU climate target for 2030 and the 2050 climate neutrality objective requires a strengthening of the whole European climate and energy legal framework. In that effort, reducing the EU’s overall energy consumption is essential as to enable the multiple benefits of energy savings for citizens and businesses. The revision of the Energy Efficiency Directive is therefore a unique opportunity to ensure energy savings potentials are grasped in all sectors. If the revision does not lead to a stronger and more effective EED, it will not only be a missed opportunity for efficiency, but the achievement of the EU climate objectives will also be in jeopardy. To that end, the Coalition for Energy Savings position paper highlights recommendations and detailed proposals to amend the current EED, as to ensure a strong and well-grounded Commission’s proposal.


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