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Efficiency and savings: the path to a sustainable recovery
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Energy Efficiency Directive

Several publications are available:

  • Position paper on the ‘Clean Energy for All Europeans’ package. The package includes proposals to review the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) setting a 2030 target and providing a 2050 outlook to burgeoning energy efficiency markets. The position paper makes suggestions on what legislators should consier to act convincingly on energy efficiency and bring tangible benefits to citizens.
  • The Assessment of National Energy Efficiency Targets: The Coalition’s assessment of national energy efficiency targets shows that Member States are not stepping up their ambitions beyond the minimum efficiency measures required by the EED. (Last update: April 2013)
  • The Guidebook for Strong Implementation: Now that the Directive has entered into force, Member States must transpose it into national law and implement the many requirements in the legislation before the 2020 deadline. The Coalition’s Guidebook for Strong Implementation is here to help. (Last update: October 2013).

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