Transparency on energy consumption is a crucial step to put energy efficiency first

E.V.V.E. joins the Coalition for Energy Savings

Brussels, 25 July 2016 – E.V.V.E., the European Association for the Consumption-based Billing of Energy Costs, has joined the Coalition for Energy Savings and its call for putting energy efficiency first in EU economic and energy policies.

E.V.V.E. is an independent, European-wide, politically active interest group whose activities aim at promoting systems to save energy and water in buildings. Amongst its members are leading companies developing and producing systems for heat, cold and water cost allocation, and carrying out consumption-based billing of energy and water costs within the European Union and beyond.

“We are joining forces with The Coalition for Energy Savings, a unique alliance of industry, local authorities, trade unions, consumers and NGOs to help foster ambitious energy savings policies”, said Christian Sperber, Director General of E.V.V.E. “E.V.V.E. believes that transparency, including information on actual energy consumption, is one of the key conditions to move to an energy system which puts energy efficiency first”, added E.V.V.E.’s Managing Director Udo Wasser.

“We welcome E.V.V.E. joining our quest to put energy efficiency first in all decision-making to redress the historic bias that favours increasing energy supply over saving energy”, said Stefan Scheuer, Secretary General of the Coalition for Energy Savings. “Decision-makers in the energy system, including consumers, should be empowered to make informed choices and incentivized to invest in saving energy”.

As a multi-stakeholder Coalition, uniting 31 European business, civil society, consumer, professional, trade union and local government organisations, the Coalition for Energy Savings calls on the European Commission to put energy efficiency first in its upcoming climate and energy plans.



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Notes for editors

Energy efficiency first – Progress on Energy Efficiency First. In 2015, The Coalition for Energy Savings defined the principle of “Energy Efficiency First” and identified several areas of focus to it operational. Since then, how well has the principle of energy efficiency first been embedded in the Energy Union? And to what extent has it been used to deliver the EU objectives of safe, secure and sustainable provision of energy in the most cost effective manner? The Coalition published a briefing (March 2016) to answer those questions. 

Monday, 25 July, 2016