Towards Nearly Zero Energy Buildings; definition of common principles under EPBD

Conference organised by eceee on behalf of the European Commission and the consortium* contracted by the European Commission to define common principles for nearly-zero energy buildings under the EPBD.

The main objective of the stakeholder workshop is to obtain input into the study "Towards Nearly Zero Energy Buildings; definition of common principles under the EPBD" and to be able to get feedback on recommendations (e.g. a template for the national plans), preliminary outcomes, etc., from interested parties and experts.

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Who can participate in the workshop? Stakeholders and experts dealing with NZEB issues on a national and/or European level. The amount of participants is limited to approximately 80 participants. Member State official representatives will have one reserved seat each. These seats will be kept until the 17th of September, after which they will be released to other interested participants. If the number of potential participants greatly exceed the number of seats, the organisers and the Commission reserve the right to make a choice in order to ensure a good mix of experts and stakeholders (for instance to avoid that experts from only a few countries fill up the room).