Parliament committee vote on the Energy Efficiency Directive

Binding measures and targets needed to secure growth and jobs

27 February 2012 - The Energy Committee vote on the draft Energy Efficiency Directive is an opportunity for the European Parliament to put on the table a European growth and employment pact and lay the foundations of a new economic model for the EU.

The Coalition for Energy Savings therefore welcomes the cross-party support for the package of compromise amendments.

While these amendments are yet insufficient to close the gap to the EU’s 20% savings target and deliver the EED’s full potential of growth and jobs creation (see Gapometer), they introduce fundamental improvements to the Commission’s proposal. Binding energy saving targets will ensure commitment to good policy implementation and provide certainty for planning and private investment, while binding measures are needed to provide delivery and financing mechanisms and create a new business model for energy companies.

The adoption of these amendments would send a clear signal to Member States that only well-designed and well-implemented energy efficiency laws can deliver the millions of local, stable jobs, the comfort at lower cost for consumers and the net benefits to public budgets that are needed to overcome the current economic, financial and social crisis.

Monday, 27 February, 2012