Coalition workshop on fuel poverty

Harriet Thomson gave a presentation on the latest findings on fuel poverty. This was followed by an open discussion. Some interesting aspects emerged from the debate, as well as some critical points. As for communication on energy issues, fuel poverty could be linked to the common narrative on Energy Efficiency: EE it is not only about money but also about well being and has a moral/ethical dimension. The analysis showed that that also southern EU countries are experiencing high levels of fuel poverty and that awareness about the link between Energy Efficiency and fuel poverty is still weak (only Ireland, UK, Netherlands and Slovenia address the issue in the NEEAPs). Nevertheless improving on research methodology and broader data use (i.e. on building stock quality and energy use) is needed to achieve more robust analysis. The Energy Efficiency community could be very helpful in this respect and reciprocal benefits could overcome through long term cooperation.

Presentation by Harriet Thomson, York University