2016 must remain the year of delivery for a better Energy Union

Statement by the Coalition for Energy Savings in the wake of the Brexit referendum

Brussels, 5 July 2016, The Coalition for Energy Savings strives to unite and build bridges between private, public, national and local interests, and promote common projects that deliver tangible benefits for people, business and their environment. The transition toward an efficient, safe and sustainable energy system at the centre of the EU’s Energy Union is such a common project and one in which Europe is showing considerable leadership.

Parliament raises the stakes for higher ambition on Energy Efficiency Directive review

23 June 2016, Brussels – Today, in its report on the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive (2015/2232(INI)), the European Parliament reiterated its call for a 40% energy efficiency target for 2030, in a move which will tap the much needed economic benefits of the energy transition and facilitate climate action in line with the Paris agreement.

Public funding for energy efficiency picking up

Structural reforms needed to close the EU’s investment gap

8 June 2016, Brussels – New research by Ecofys reports that the total public funding for energy efficiency in the EU grew from about €6 billion in 2012 - when the Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU) was approved, to about €7.1 billion in 2014. This trend, which can also be observed in Central and Eastern Europe, is encouraging, but a lot still needs to be done to break down barriers to energy efficiency investments.

New study shows urgent need for objective cost-benefit analysis for energy efficiency

Transparent and impartial evidence of the cost and benefits of the wide range of 2030 energy efficiency targets, as proposed by the different EU institutions, is essential to inform legislators. In that context, the Coalition for Energy Savings calls on the Commission to include a cost-benefit analysis with a societal perspective in the Impact Assessment to provide an objective and overarching view of the different options.

Response to Public Consultation on the Energy Efficiency Directive

22 January 2016 - The European Commission is surveying stakeholders and citizens on the review of the Energy Efficiency Directive relying on an internet-based consultation. The review is responding to EU’s energy and climate 2030 framework and to the Directive’s review provisions, in particular to assess public procurement provisions (Article 6) and to extend the Directive’s cornerstone measure, the energy savings obligations (Article 7). In addition the Commission has decided to consult on metering and billing requirements, the national fund and reporting.