Coalition urges development of binding energy efficiency target

EU Commissioners to discuss 2030 agenda

15 February 2013 - In a letter to EU commissioners preceding this Wednesday's orientation debate, the Coalition for Energy Savings supported the European Commission's decision to release a green paper on climate and energy policy leading up to 2030, and urged the development of an energy efficiency target. The letter highlighted the benefits of energy efficiency and how the EU has failed to make the most of these benefits thus far, despite the job-creating and cash flow potential of energy efficiency initiatives.

Parliament approves binding EU energy savings law

The European Parliament approves the deal on the Energy Efficiency Directive

12 September 2012 - The European Parliament approved today by a very large majority the deal on the Energy Efficiency Directive struck in June 2012 between the Parliament, Member States and the Commission.

Adoption clears the way for the Directive to enter into force by the end of October and will kick-off the race to reach Europe’s 20% energy savings target.

Saving energy: bringing down energy prices

For every €1 of energy cost saving, an additional €1 could be saved due to lower energy prices

7 June 2012 - A new report by Ecofys and released by CAN-Europe and Friends of the Earth Europe underlines the indirect economic benefits of energy savings, in terms of reduced energy prices. The evidence examined on the report indicates that real cost savings resulting from meeting the 20% savings target are likely to be considerabley higher than figures commonly cited.