Getting real

From EU energy efficiency law to action on the ground

With the implementation of the Clean Energy package, EU Member States are moving into the next phase of energy efficiency policies, at a moment when citizens are increasingly aware of environmental challenges and keen on benefiting from policies which bring direct economic and social advantages. Our Coalition is forging a dialogue between civil society, businesses and governments to ensure that the EU energy efficiency acquis leads to actions on the ground and maximises economic, social and environmental benefits.


Our expectations: By the end of 2019, Member States will have finalised their integrated national energy and climate plans (NECPs), which will for the first time provide a comprehensive picture of national targets and policies for climate and energy. Fast-tracking efficiency in these NECPs will lead to huge benefits for all Europeans. The Coalition has outlined five essential steps to help achieve this.

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We have also puslished a stakeholder interpretation of the new elements of Article 7 of the EED, the annual energy savings obligation.

Our findings:

Our analysis of National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) provides analysis of the contributions and commitments reported by Member States in the draft NECPs published on the European Commission website. It found that the current contributions are not adequate to reach the 32.5% target and far from tapping the full 40% cost-effective energy savings potential. Furthermore, many Member States have not yet taken into account the impact of recently agreed legislation, including Article 7 of the EED, when setting their targets.


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More material

The Coalition has been working on the implementation of the energy efficiency acquis since the adoption of the EED in 2012. Several publications are available:

• Guidebook for a Strong Implementation of the EED (2013)

• Analysis of Article 19 implementation (2015)

• Analysis of Article 5 implementation (2015)

• Analysis of Article 7 implementation (2015 and 2014)

• Analysis of national targets for 2020 (2013)


Useful links

• European Commission website on energy efficiency

• EuroACE guide on the implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)