European Parliament challenges Council on energy savings

Binding measures and binding targets

28 February 2012 - The Coalition for Energy Savings welcomes the Parliament’s wake-up call to Member States. A cross-party majority in the Parliament’s Energy Committee today voted for binding energy savings targets and measures in the Energy Efficiency Directive, which would bring the EU back on track to achieving its 20% energy savings target.

The Committee report contains a combination of binding national energy consumption targets and strengthened binding measures that would significantly improve the Commission’s proposal. In particular it would:

  • Share the EU’s 20% savings target between Member States ensuring focused and effective implementation(of the legislation and providing security for investments and infrastructure planning, in combination with national financing facilities
  • Clarify and enlarge energy saving obligation schemes, the main instrument to develop a new business model for energy utilities while guaranteeing that energy customers benefit from the savings
  • Strongly promote a deep renovation of the European building stock, which will deliver the highest quality savings and jobs.

Speaking after the Parliament’s vote, Stefan Scheuer, Secretary General of the Coalition for Energy Savings, said:  “This is an unambiguous message from the Parliament. The Council must now follow this lead. Doing so would allow Europe to move to a new energy model based on energy savings and to use the €400billion a year currently spent on fossil fuel imports to invest in EU’s economic and financial recovery!"

Member States are working to avoid binding requirements and have even come up in Council with proposals which would lead to a rolling back of existing energy efficiency rules. Such a roll back would increase rather than reduce the distance to Europe’s and national energy savings targets.

Tuesday, 28 February, 2012