Energy Savings 2030: On the 2050 pathway

Sector validation workshops

As part of its Energy Savings 2030 project, the Coalition is organising workshops on the following four sectors:

  • supply, transformation and distribution;
  • transport;
  • residential and service sectors, including building, heating and cooling, appliances and others; and
  • industry.

The Coalition has commissioned Fraunhofer ISI to support the Energy Savings 2030 project, including the preparation and deliverables of sector workshops, in order to establish 2050 potentials and objectives and agreement on 2030 targets, as well as considering variables in view of effort-sharing needs.

The workshops are expected to provide a validation of relevant data and modelling results from existing studies like the Fraunhofer 2012 update of energy saving potentials for the 2050 climate objectives, PRIMES and relevant studies from the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Invited workshop participants include Coalition members, Commission officials and stakeholders from energy supply and transport sectors.

The programme:

April 11, hosted by COGEN Europe

10.00-13.00     Supply, transformation and distribution

14.00-17.00     Transport

April 12, hosted by EuroACE

09.00-13.00     Residential and service sectors, including building, H&C and appliances

15.00-18.00     Industry

To register, please send an email to