Energy Savings 2030

Energy Savings 2030

The workshop organised by the Coalition for Energy Savings for its members with the objective of developing and refining the Coalition position on energy saving targets for 2030 and visions for 2050 and to prepare for Energy savings 2030.


Energy savings potential projections for 2050 are massive: Europe could cut more than half of its energy demand and, together with a high share of renewable energy, reduce gross energy by over 2/3. This is more energy than what Europe imports today and saves each person some 1,000 Euro a year.

Despite this positive picture energy efficiency does not feature prominently in the discussion about the policy framework 2030. Concerns about the impact of Europe’s leadership on climate actions on its competitiveness and the misconception that efficiency could be a byproduct of a functioning EU-ETS are at the forefront.

This shows that in order to better promote energy efficiency and savings in the 2030 policy agenda, we need to highlight that efficiency and savings are objectives in their own right and that they offer powerful solutions to move towards a sustainable energy system. Demands from the renewable energy actors are closely aligned with such an approach and together present a coherent policy architecture in support of the EU’s treaty objectives for energy and environment and deep GHG emission cuts.

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Wolfgang Eichhammer, Fraunhofer ISI

Heleen Groenenberg, ECOFYS

Fiona Riddoch, COGEN Europe

Jos Dings, Transport & Environment

Adrian Joyce, Renovate Europe Campaign