Energy Performance Contracting

In 2010 Olivier Ortega, attorney at law and expert in public contract law, has been entrusted by the French Government with the compilation of a report on legal, economic and technical barriers to the conclusion of energy performance contracts in the public and private sector in France which also included recommendations for actions to remove these barriers. The report was completed in March 2011. In Brussels, barriers to energy efficiency and energy performance contracting are one of the issues discussed in the framework of the energy efficiency directive. However, the details of this instrument are still not very well known. It remains a complex tool which still meets important barriers especially on regulatory level.

EFIEES and the Coalition organised a workshop on Energy Performance Contracting in the European Parliament hosted by MEP Panayotov. French lawyer Olivier Ortega presented the findings of his research into the topic.

Presentation by Oliver Ortega are available in English and French