Energy Efficient Buildings – Healthy People

Conference: “Energy Efficient Buildings - Healthy people”

On 20 June 2012, during the EU Sustainable Energy Week, EPEE, Eurovent and REHVA are organising a conference around the theme: Energy Efficient Buildings – Healthy people

The event aims at stressing the need for the consideration of Indoor Air Quality in national and European Building’s legislation in correlation with increasing energy efficiency targets at EU level. Nowadays, energy efficient buildings need to be built in an extremely tight manner and therefore Indoor Air Quality needs to be maintained in order to ensure healthy living environments. The conference, which is targeted at decision-makers, NGOs, health organisations, consumer groups, academicians and industry associations would like to address in how far both aspects of increasing energy efficiency and high indoor air quality can be achieved, simultaneously.

For registration and more information, please visit the EUSEW 2012 website.