Energy efficiency deal halves 20% target gap

Final deal on the Energy Efficiency Directive

14 June 2012 - After months of negotiations, European Parliament, Council and Commission negotiators reached an agreement on the Energy Efficiency Directive, that still requires approval by Parliament’s full assembly and Council of Ministers before becoming law.

The deal would require Member States to step up their efforts to improve energy efficiency. But in the absence of binding national targets the Directive’s requirements might only close half of the gap to the EU’s 20% energy savings target by 2020.
This deal is an important step towards acknowledging energy efficiency as a centre-piece of Europe’s sustainable growth strategy. But its weakness reflects that national governments still lack the conviction that energy efficiency is the opportunity to get out of the economic, environmental and social crises.

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The text which has been agreed on 14/06/2012 between the negotiators would close half of gap to the EU 20% savings target and thus realise around 15% savings by 2020.

•    The lion's share of savings results from the 1.5% annual savings under the efficiency obligations schemes, which can be reduced by a maximum of 25% to count early actions, allow phasing in or other cases. Eventually this represents nearly a doubling of savings compared to the existing 1% annual savings target under the Energy Services Directive;
•    Requirements for renovating public buildings and procurement are limited to central government which significantly reduces the impact;
•    Auditing is mandatory, metering and billing information are largely voluntary; and
•    Requirements for CHP and efficiency of the energy system are slightly improved over existing rules.
Main changes at last trilogue do not significantly change the savings delivered, but include important requirements like:
•    Member States to develop long term renovation strategies for the whole building stock including policies to stimulate deep renovations;
•    2016 review of the 2020 sunset for energy efficiency obligations; and
•    2014 Commission assessment of national targets to be accompanied by further measures.

Thursday, 14 June, 2012