Commission encouraged to put energy efficiency first

Germany presents energy efficiency proposals in Brussels.

Brussels, 7 October 2016 – This afternoon, the German Ministry for Economy and Energy will present its proposals on how Germany and the European Union can enact the “energy efficiency first” principle, opening up a dialogue with EU institutions, other Member States and stakeholders on how to achieve a cost-effective energy transition with increased energy efficiency ambition.

The German Ministry for Economy and Energy is seeking feedback on its "Green Paper on Energy Efficiency", which includes propositions for putting energy efficiency first to ensure a cost-effective energy transition.  The paper reports that reaching the efficiency target would cut Germany’s power production and distribution costs by €12 billion a year in 2035 accounting for cost savings of €0.13 per kWh.

The public consultation is running until end of October and provides space for stakeholders to help set out how “efficiency first” can be applied in all sectors and which indicators are to be used to compare energy savings and energy supply options.

The paper also stresses the importance of clear EU targets and the benefits of a supportive EU regulatory environment, including ecodesign and energy labelling.

“The principle of putting energy efficiency first is gaining ground in Member States and expectations are increasing for the Commission to take the lead”, said Stefan Scheuer, Secretary General of The Coalition for Energy Savings. “EU action on energy efficiency is built on the diversity of policies and measures put in place by Member States, but also on EU-wide instruments such as eco-design, where next steps have been put on hold so far”, he added.

After several delays, the European Commission this week announced the release of the Energy Efficiency package for 7 December 2016, comprising a revision of the Energy Efficiency and Energy Performance in Buildings Directives and a Financing Communication. But it remains unclear when a decision on the overdue new Ecodesign work plan and on stalled implementing measures would be taken.

The Coalition for Energy Savings, uniting 31 European business, civil society, consumer, professional, trade union and local government organisations, calls on the European Commission to propose a 40% target for 2030 in line with the cost-effective potential for energy savings and to place energy efficiency first in EU policies.

Note to editors
· The "Green Paper on Energy Efficiency" can be downloaded here.


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Friday, 7 October, 2016