Cogen Europe Annual Conference

The Conference (3-4 May) is the biggest annual gathering of cogeneration stakeholders in Europe and the dinner (evening of 3 May) is an opportunity for policy, business and research experts to meet and exchange views.

The Conference agenda will address the following topics:
- Role of cogeneration in sustainable economies
- Realising the potential of cogeneration
- Innovation and driving change in cogeneration
- Market update


Conference Venue
Crowne Plaza; Rue Gineste 3, B-1210 Brussels


Dinner Venue
BELvue museum: Paleizenplein 7 Place des Palais, B-1000, Brussels


If you are interested in participating, please contact:

Stefan Craenen
T: +32 2 772 82 90
F: +32 2 772 50 44
Email: stefan.craenen[a]