Climate and energy policy 2030: For economic recovery and sustainability

Following its General Assembly on 16 May, the Coalition held its Annual Conference on the topic “Climate and energy policy 2030: For economic recovery and sustainability”.

At the event, Humberto Delgado Rosa (DG Climate Action, European Commission) raised expectations for energy efficiency to help find a fair and equitable burden sharing and rejected ideas that there is a conflict between ETS and energy efficiency targets. He does not expect new energy modelling work to address requests for higher ambitions being carried out before taking decisions.

During the panel discussion, Joël Vormus of CLER (France) and Christian Noll of DENEFF (Germany) stressed the importance of national coalition activities and the political difficulties of advancing the energy efficiency agenda nationally. DENEFF recently published its first monitor of the German energy efficiency sector.

Discussion moderator Nick Mabey, Chief Executive and Founding Director of E3G, noted the importance of building energy efficiency support in Member States and making energy efficiency a necessity rather than an option for EU policymakers developing the 2030 framework. He called for exploring novel approaches to financing, including State Aid rules, and new export markets, like energy efficient cities.

In his closing remarks, Jonas Bering Liisberg, Deputy Permanent Representative of Denmark to the EU, assured Coalition members that the Council President was pushing energy efficiency in the upcoming meeting on 22 May and that his country is supporting a three target approach, but warns that in order to make them binding, burden sharing eventually would necessitate unanimity in Council.

See the full conference notes here.

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