2030 energy efficiency target: first vote in Parliament confirms call for 40%

Environment Committee opinion opts for maximising economic, social and environmental benefits

Brussels, 7 September 2017 – The Coalition for Energy Savings welcomes the vote from the European Parliament’s Environment Committee on the revision of the Energy Efficiency Directive and congratulates the opinion rapporteur, Jytte Guteland, for her work on reinforcing both the 2030 target and the annual energy savings requirement.

The European Parliament’s Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee voted today on its opinion on the revision of the Energy Efficiency Directive, the first vote in the Parliament on this matter. MEPs voted for reinforcing the 2030 target – from 30% as proposed by the European Commission to 40%, and for doubling the delivery of the annual energy savings obligation post 2020.

Despite some differences, the two larger groups in the Parliament have tabled amendments aiming at improving the Commission’s proposals, sending a clear signal to the lead Energy Committee that the European Parliament should enter negotiations with the Council with a strong position.

“The additional environmental, economic and social benefits associated with a binding 40% energy efficiency target for 2030 are tremendous: less pollution, more jobs, lower energy bills”, said Stefan Scheuer, Secretary General of the Coalition for Energy Savings. “We are particularly encouraged by the growing support for reinforcing Article 7, the annual energy savings obligation, where major political groups proposed to include transport energy consumption in the baseline.”

Article 7 provides an outlook to the market for energy efficiency services and products. A reinforced Article 7 and a binding 40% target for 2030 will ensure that the EU maximises economic, social and environmental benefits for its citizens and businesses. A study recently published by the European Commission demonstrates the high impacts of a 40% energy efficiency target for 2030 in terms of GDP and jobs, cuts in healthcare costs and greenhouse gas emissions.


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The Coalition for Energy Savings strives to make energy efficiency and savings the first consideration of energy policies and the driving force towards a secure, sustainable and competitive European Union. Its membership unites businesses, professionals, local authorities, trade unions, cooperatives, consumer and civil society organisations in pursuit of this goal. The Coalition calls on the EU to commit itself to a 40% energy saving target by 2030, and to step up policies, measures and investments in order to stop energy waste and tap the considerable energy savings potentials. Coalition members represent:
- more than 500 associations, 200 companies, 1,240 cooperatives
- 15 million supporters, more than 2 million employees and 650,000 members of cooperatives
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Thursday, 7 September, 2017