2 December 2019 - Bringing Green Deal benefits to citizens and businesses

Ahead of the publication of the Communication on the European Green Deal (11 December 2019), the Coalition for Energy Savings has published a position paper "Bringing Green Deal benefits to citizens and businesses through energy savings".

The Coalition calls on the Commission to ensure that the Green Deal delivers concrete actions which boost energy efficiency across the EU economy: improve the energy performance of buildings and products, switch to clean mobility and increase energy efficiency in production.

This requires implementation, application and rigorous enforcement of the legislative 2030 framework. The energy efficiency target needs to be increased in line with the climate emergency and considering the cost-effective energy saving potentials, which stand at 40%. And the energy efficiency first principle has to be applied to enable a sustainable sector integration and to avoid costly infrastructure lock in.

The Coalition for Energy Savings is further working on detailed proposals for a 2030 target support package.

Furthermore, the Coalition has joined a broad group of associations in calling for an action plan for the integrated renovation of all buildings based on energy savings, on-site renewables and smart demand (Joint Statement on integrated building renovations).

Tuesday, 3 December, 2019