14 May 2019 - Vision of a fast, fair and attractive energy transition

Coalition adopts 2050 Energy Efficiency Vision

Brussels, 14 May 2019The Coalition for Energy Savings adopted its 2050 Energy Efficiency Vision. It shows that delivering the full energy savings potential will make the energy transition fast, fair and attractive and allow the EU to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, at the latest.

“We need fast and fair solutions to respond to our societal and ecological crisis. Fridays for Future and the Yellow Vests movement are the latest manifestation of how important that is. Furthermore we need solutions to our challenges that are economically attractive”, says Stefan Scheuer, Secretary General of the Coalition for Energy Savings.

To enhance the energy savings potentials and secure its delivery, the EU’s Energy Efficiency First principle has to be applied to energy policies and beyond to policies that frame new societal trends. Deploying today’s technologies can already halve EU’s energy consumption by 2050 if market barriers are removed. This potential could increase to 67% through working with new societal trends (like digitalisation, emerging economic and social models, industrial transformation and increasing quality of life expectations), or fall to 32%, if these trends are ignored and play a negative role.

“With regards to the digital agenda, the EU is at the crossroads: either we frame digitalisation to serve our values and support an energy efficient Europe or we are a technology taker”, says Almut Bonhage, 2050 Vision project manager.

The Coalition for Energy Savings is committed to further investigate the opportunities that come along with the ongoing transition and to advocate for a strong policy framework to make the 2050 Energy Efficiency Vision a reality.

The 2050 Energy Efficiency Vision is informed by a decade of work of the Coalition for Energy Savings and its Members to put energy efficiency at the top of the EU’s energy and economic agenda. Furthermore, it builds on research by Fraunhofer ISI on 2050 Energy Savings Scenarios published in January 2019.

Download the 2050 Vision and the Fraunhofer study:

- 2050 Energy Efficiency Vision (web)

- 2050 Energy Efficiency Vision (print - on A4 double sided, flip over short edge, fold to A5)

- Fraunhofer ISI study on Energy Saving Scenarios 2050 (2019): A study by the Fraunhofer Institute for System and Innovation Research ISI, commissioned by the Coalition for Energy Savings, assesses the 2050 energy savings potentials, considering impacts of new societal trends.

- Summary of Fraunhofer ISI study


Media contact:

Almut Bonhage | +32 2 235 20 10 | almut.bonhage@energycoalition.eu | @EUenergysavings

Tuesday, 14 May, 2019