13 November 2018 - EP approves 2030 energy efficiency framework

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Brussels, 13 November 2018 –The European Parliament approved the revision of the EU’s energy efficiency legal framework, the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), with a 434 votes majority (575 votes cast). The revision, agreed by negotiators of the three law making institutions in June 2018, increases the overall EU energy efficiency target from 30.0% to 32.5% by 2030 and the annual energy saving obligation for Member States from 0.7% to 0.8% from 2021 onwards.

“Every percent has a huge impact. We bear witness to Parliament’s determination to sustain jobs creation, improve energy security, and protect the climate,” says Stefan Scheuer. “Together with the new renewable energy target it allows the EU to surpass its 2030 climate target and to set eyes on achieving a net zero carbon economy by 2050.”

Reaching the new 2030 energy efficiency target will require immediate, new and accelerated action by Member States. Current energy efficiency improvements are found to be insufficient. The Commission has started infringements against seven countries for failing to correctly apply the EED’s requirements.

From an economic perspective much more energy efficiency measures and policies are required to tap the cost-effective energy efficiency potentials across sectors which stands at 40% by 2030. In 2023 the European Commission is tasked to look at the target with a view of increasing ambition.

“Targets go only one way: upwards, next stop is 2023. But most importantly, countries have to revise their energy efficiency policies now to start delivering the expected benefits for citizens and businesses and protect them from the negative impacts of an unmanaged energy transition.”

After the European Parliament’s approval, the Council of the EU is expected to approve the new law, readying the EED for publication in Official Journal before the end of the year.


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Tuesday, 13 November, 2018