11 December 2019 - European Green Deal: new energy saving actions, but target level ambition unclear

First reaction to EC Communication on a European Green Deal

The European Green Deal is a commitment to a deep transformation of the EU economy to a new growth strategy putting people first. While it sets out strong ambition and announces policy measures throughout all sectors, it remains unclear on the intentions to raise the energy efficiency target in order to tap the cost-effective potentials.

Brussels, 11 December 2019 – The European Green Deal, published today, sets out an approach for a deep transformation of the EU economy that puts “people first” and promises to be fair and inclusive. The Coalition for Energy Savings has shown that energy efficiency is the bedrock for a fast, fair and attractive transition and welcomes the objective and focus of the Green Deal.

The Green Deal promises a rigorous implementation of current legislation and new actions throughout all sectors. This includes prioritising energy efficiency in order to decarbonise the energy system, a “renovation wave” for buildings, clean mobility and a sustainable industry policy.

“The EU’s energy efficiency policies are the bedrock for the European Green Deal to bring benefits to citizens and business fast. Rigorous enforcement is needed, but insufficient on its own”, says Stefan Scheuer, Secretary General of the Coalition for Energy Savings. “We need concrete proposals on further measures to support the delivery of more energy savings across sectors and an increase of the current target levels in order to tap cost-effective potential that stand at minimum at 40% for 2030. Today’s Communication remains unclear about the intentions of the Commission to revise the Energy Efficiency Directive in this direction.”


Actions with link to energy efficiency (see annex to EGD):

Climate ambition


Proposals for revisions of relevant legislative measures to deliver on the increased climate ambition, following the review of Emissions Trading System Directive; Effort Sharing Regulation; Land use, land use change and forestry Regulation; Energy Efficiency Directive; Renewable Energy Directive; CO2 emissions performance standards for cars and vans

June 2021

Proposal for a revision of the Energy Taxation Directive

June 2021

Clean, affordable and secure energy


Assessment of the final National Energy and Climate Plans

June 2020

‘Renovation wave’ initiative for the building sector


Industrial strategy for a clean and circular economy


EU Industrial strategy

March 2020


Position paper: "Brining Green Deal benefits to citizens and businessess through energy savings"

Wednesday, 11 December, 2019